The Little Gym® Austrailia

CEO Letter

“As adults, we come to the realisation that the real future lies in the hands of our children. But are we serious about protecting and nurturing their health and well being? What actions are we taking to ensure they lead long, healthy and successful lives? Do we truly understand that how we choose to raise our children will ultimately determine the society that will one day be created?

The children of today are indeed, our future and it is up to us to create an environment today whereby they are able to flourish.

Yet we tend to take our responsibilities to them for granted. This must be addressed by all of todays society before it is too late; so that we can take ultimate responsibility for their actions. We as adults should take pride in raising and nurturing a child to grow older and in the process accomplish something that is going to be great! We must see the big picture and have a “want to help” attitude. They need educational opportunities; they need positive experiences and over and above this, they need us to be role models. Their boundless stores of energy needs direction so that it can be harnessed for the future to ensure that our children are the role model creaters and shapers of tomorrow. Therefore our priority should be the nurturing and education of our youth to ensure they remain active, utilise all of their brain power, and be fine upstanding citizens.

We need to inspire them and enable them to create positive change within themselves. We need to create learning programs that promote self efficacy, self esteem, self respect, dignity and responsibility to be healthy individuals.

But we also need to let children be children. Play allows a childs imagination to run freely, as well as building and strengthening a childs motor language, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Play therefore actually makes children tomorrows future. We need to guide them and help them achieve all of this. We need to help them grow and this must start now. We need to recognise that each and every child is unique; each and every child is an individual and over and above everything, each and every child is a gift to the world!”

Albert Labbad
Founder & CEO
The Little Gym Australia